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Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine

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This popcorn machine is the perfect addition to your event! It's great for family gatherings and reunions, birthday parties, school events and everything in between! It comes with 50 servings of tasty buttered popcorn with 50 bags included for every serving! Add this onto your order and complete your party in one easy step! And create a memory that you and your family will cherish forever! *Please provide your own electricity, or rent a generator from us for power.

Usage Directions!

1. Plug machine into designated outlet
2. Flip on/off switches to ON position 
3. Pour entire bag of kernels and butter into silver bowl inside machine (up to 2 bags) 
4. Kernels will start to pop. Once the sound of popping lessens, dump bowl into the scooping tray using the black lever
5. Scoop into bags and ENJOY! 
6. Repeat process


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