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Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine

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Looking for the perfect treat to add to your event? Rocklin Bounce House Rentals has your back! Just add this concession onto your order before checkout. We will deliver this sweet treat machine, along with the rest of your order. This popular treat comes with sugar and 50 cones! Book now to make your party an instant hit! *Please provide your own electricity, or rent a generator from us for power.*


Cotton Candy Usage Directions

1. Plug machine into designated outlet
2. Make sure the large bowl is balanced on machine with mesh intact 
3. Turn both levers on each side of the machine to unlock the spin head 
4. Pour desired amount of sugar from carton into the opening of machine
5. Flip both switches on front of machine to ON position 
   *ensure both buttons are turned on or off together, at all times* 
6. Hold paper cone in hand and lower into bowl of webbed cotton candy
7. Spin cone counter-clockwise in hand while rotating it counter-clockwise around bowl. 
8. Once cone is covered to desired amount, remove from bowl and serve
9. Repeat again for next cone 


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